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Enjoy paintballing this Halloween  14/10/2014



It is October which means that Halloween is just around the corner. For many people this is the greatest celebration of the year – it is an excuse to dress up, act strangely, and have a good time!

Like every other celebration in the year, it is also a fantastic reason to meet up with some mates to do something a little bit different, and what could be more adrenaline-fuelled and exhilarating than a day out shooting each other with some paintballs?

There are lots of different paintballing gamesthat you can play, but the most appropriate for this occasion would of course be the Zombie variations. What are they and how do you play them?





  • The game starts with 2 teams: one team is made up of “healthy” players while the other, smaller team have become “infected” and turned into zombies.
  • Instead of leaving the game when hit by a paintball, the healthy players turn into zombies and help to attack the remaining healthy ones.
  • As increasing numbers of people become infected, the quantities of people on each team even out before the game eventually comes to a close when everybody is infected.


Zombies v Vampires:

  • This game also begins with 2 teams: one of Zombies; the other of Vampires.
  • In this version of paintball, there are equal numbers of players on each team at the start.
  • When a player is hit they leave the field and re-enter as a member of the opposite team.
  • The advantage of this game is that nobody is ever actually “out”; instead of waiting for everybody to finish playing, everybody stops at the same time.

Vampire v Zombie v Predator

  • Similar to the game above but with an additional variation.
  • Vampires: shoot players from other teams to turn them into fellow vampires
    Predators: need to be hit in a certain area (e.g. facemask) to be eliminated
    Zombies: require multiple hits to be out and can convert other players to their team, but are only allowed to walk around (not run), and convert others to their team only by touching them (not shooting).

If you would like to have a memorable Halloween this month, call us now on 0800 44 88 997.