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Impress your date paintballing  05/09/2014

 ’How do I impress the girl that I like?’ It is one of those questions that guys ask themselves throughout their lives – whether it is about a potential new girlfriend or your wife of 20 years.

Particularly when you are just beginning to get to know someone you want to appear interesting, exciting, and a little different from all those other guys. If you are working up to asking someone out for the first time, or if you have already done the whole cinema / meal thing then you might want to do something a little out of the ordinary.

While your date / potential future date has probably been taken to different restaurants in the past or even taken to the theatre and museum amongst other things, it is highly unlikely that she has dated a guy who has taken her paintballing.

You might think that this is a ridiculous idea but bear with us.

Paintballing is not only different from any other date she has ever been on, but you can go with a bunch of your mates and she can go with a group of hers - when you both feel more comfortable, there is a lot less pressure to keep the conversation going, and you can even show off your amazing action hero skills.

The beauty of paintballing is that you can become a mixture of those perfect (slightly irritating) men that women love to drool over. Here’s how to paintball your way to her heart:

Be fearless (Bond)

You are most definitely not going to be the only one flying around the paintballing field secretly pretending that you’re Bond. Organising a paintballing trip already means that you are more exciting than her previous dates anyway but if you want to be Bond-like then remember to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the game, even when you seem exposed to imminent danger.

Crank up the romance factor (Noah, The Notebook)

Even if you are not usually the teary-eyed, emotional type you can’t impress a girl without a little romance. Look out for your potential leading lady; if she is injured stop to check if she is OK and remember to be generous with your paintballs (only if you’re on the same team of course).  

Be a hero (Romeo & Juliet)

You can be a knight in shining armour by sacrificing yourself in a state of emergency. If you can crowbar in a moment when she is about to get hit and you take the bullet (OK, paintball) for her then you will have definitely earned a place in her heart.

Turn on the charm (Rhett, Gone with the Wind)

Often cited as the most charming fictional man in history, Rhett Butler is most women’s ultimate fantasy and who can blame them? The guy is smooth, charming, amusing, and doesn’t take anything too seriously. To be charming on the paintball field is as simple as not getting too downhearted if you’re losing, keeping a smile on your face, and never giving up.

Keep her amused (Chandler, Friends)

While girls might talk about how handsome George Clooney is or how cute Joey Essex is (me neither), believe it or not the best way to a girl’s heart is by making her laugh.

Be Chandler: don’t take yourself too seriously, if you’re terrible at the game just laugh it off, and equally if you’re kicking butt don’t get too cocky.

Be Protective (Batman)

Every woman wants a hero. If you see that your date is in a sticky situation and needs a little help, make sure that you get involved. There might be a situation where there are several people against her in which case you need to jump into the middle of it and get it sorted.

And that gentlemen is your guide to paintball dating. If you are thinking about getting some friends together for an unforgettable couple of games, give us a call today to order your time slot.