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Action hero tactics  05/06/2014

Whether you’re new to paintballing or have been playing for years – you’ll want to score the most points against the opposition and tactics will always come into play!

While the rushes of adrenaline as you dart from one obstacle to the next, avoiding a hit may be enough for some, why not spice things up during your paintball game by employing the tactics of your favourite action heroes?

3, 2, 1....Action

The Terminator – Good or bad, this action hero never quits. Although not a hero at first he eventually finds a way to always muscle in and rescue Connor from sudden death.

Why not employ the Terminator’s methods of face-to-face combat, he’s always in the middle of the action and never hides to shoot from afar – make sure you’re loyal to the defence of your teammates too.

Trademark: Sunglasses

Famous quote: “I’ll be back”

Lara Croft – Lara’s outfit shows her lack of fear from cuts, bruises or injury no matter whether she’s crawling through jungles or walking through a tomb. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty or employ a bit of brain to back up your brawn.

Trademark: Shorts and tank top

Famous quote: “It’s a clock, it’s ticking.”

Indiana Jones – This action hero has very little patience, is mild-mannered and an adventure seeker. To employ his tactics you will want to be in the midst of the action and eager to find clues to track down the opposition.

Trademark: Hat

Famous quote: “It’s not the years, honey; it’s the mileage.”

Blade – Half-human and half-vampire this action hero can put humans and vampires in their place. To employ this guy’s tactics you’ll need to be quick but quiet. He often appears without being heard so be sure to creep. Practice getting your gun to hand quickly too so you take no prisoners!

Trademark: Body armour

Famous quote: “Say what you want, but I promise you; you will be dead by dawn.”

James Bond – Sophisticated and cunning combined, to put this action hero’s tactics to good use you will need to know how to use your gun, be fast and strong. Don’t be afraid to climb higher than your opponents when paintballing to get a better angle of shot and advantage.


Famous quote: “The name’s Bond...James Bond

John Rambo – An ex war veteran, John Rambo can be dropped into any situation and survive single-handedly. To be a Rambo during paintballing you’ll need to be comfortable fighting alone without any back-up. Trust no-one and shoot to win!

Trademark: Bandana

Famous quote: “Any of you boys want to shoot then now’s the time.”

Hit Girl– One of the youngest action heroes but not one of the most stupid. Hit Girl, Midy Macready is a fierce and unstoppable, pint-sized killing machine. Fast, sudden and ruthless this action hero works alone. Make sure you have your back covered as this action hero, have the right weapons and a clear exit if you should need one!

Trademark: Weapons belt

Famous Quote: “Ok, let’s see what you can do."

Matt Damon – Relentless and hard-charging, Bourne is a murdering machine. If you’re taking on the tactics of this action hero you’ll have a big team behind you with you leading them. Don’t be afraid to be in the middle of the action but make sure you’ve got the stamina to keep up!

Trademark: His weapon

Famous quote: “I can run flat out for half a mile before my hands start shaking”

If you want to find out where you can employ these action hero tactics in paintballing in various regions around the UK then visit our website to find out more.