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5 Things to do before you’re 30... & 5 Things not to worry about  30/04/2014

You might have just started your 20s or they might be drawing to a close, either way it is worthwhile contemplating what you would like to achieve by the time you’re blowing out 30 candles. Here is a list of the top 5 things to do before you hit 30 (and another 5 things not to worry about):

  1.         Go Travelling

Exploring another part of the world is one of the most exciting things that you can possibly enjoy. Think about where you have already been but more importantly what places you have seen on the television or in photos and wanted to visit yourself. The USA is so huge that you might have been to one coast but want to try another area such as the Deep South. If you are watching the purse strings then Thailand has a lot to offer without a high price tag. The Full Moon Party is arguably the most famous party in the world so get yourself an invite before you’re 30!


Paintball Matrix have venues all over the country, 


2.  Paintballing

It can be enjoyed at any age but as you get older you will notice that more and more of your friends start saying that they are “too old” for this and that. It’s very annoying but it’s inevitable. Paintballing is so much fun particularly if you are in your 20s. Paintball Matrix has venues literally all over the country including paintballing Kent and paintballing Romford amongst plenty of others. Get you and your mates booked in for a day of non-stop adventure!

3. Throw a Party

If you’ve been to university then you may have already got this ticked off or it might be something that you do all the time! However if you’re more the sort who likes to turn up to a party and you’re not so keen on throwing one then get a backbone and do it. There’s no finer feeling than waking up in the morning knowing that you’ve thrown a full-on, successful shin-dig!


4. Skydive / Bungee Jump

Yes, it might be a total cliché but so what? Any list of “Things you need to do before you’re…” features it because it would be completely WRONG not to. Either get yourself booked on a plane to (SAFELY) hop out of it or find an area where you can skydive. Ideally get sponsored because that way you can’t chicken out of it (unless you’re Mark from Peep Show).


5. Learn a Skill

It may sound less adventurous than the others but learning how to do something new before you’re 30 is a fantastic aim. It might be that you always intended to play the guitar but never got round to it or that you envied the boys on the basketball team but never bothered to practice. It’s never too late to learn something new!


The top 5 things that you really shouldn’t be bothered about:


1.       Falling in Love, Marriage, Children

A lot of people fall into the trap of setting a deadline for when they are going to fall in love, get married, and have children. This is totally pointless. Nobody can decide any of this unless they want a loveless, regimented relationship but that contradicts the whole aim anyway!


2.       Reaching the Top of Your Career 

By all means set yourself certain goals, for example that in two years you want to be promoted at least once, or that you want to be a manager within 3 years. It is just as important to work out how you are going to achieve these aims. Be realistic, don’t expect to be CEO in a couple of years; you’ll only look back and be devastated.


3.       Losing Weight

Having weight goals is fine but can also be cripplingly disappointing. Sometimes the scales genuinely don’t reflect your improvement; they don’t measure your heart rate or how toned you are. Aspire to feel fit and healthy by all means but don’t aim for a particular dress size because often your body is made to be a certain size and there’s nothing you can do about it.


4.   Wearing Flat Caps or Complaining About your Back

Embracing the aging process and growing old gracefully is great but don’t embrace it too much. There’s really no need to start avoiding physical activities because you’re “not as young as you used to be”; you’re pushing 30, not 130.


      5.  Worrying that You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be

Comparing how you thought your life would be at 29 to how it has turned out is totally pointless. When you’re 17 you think that 29 is really old and you’d be married with 3 children living in a big house with the perfect husband. That’s because you were 17 and didn’t differentiate between a 29-year-old and a 40-something. Don’t compare yourself to your past expectations; you have done and achieved things that you never even contemplated at 17.

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