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The Best Party Ideas for Adults  02/04/2014

When you are past 21 your birthday can feel like it is not as exciting as it once was. This is sometimes because you get into the habit of either just going on a night out to the local clubs or not doing anything at all. Instead, you should try and do something more fun that everybody will remember for a long time. Here are some of our favourite party ideas for grown ups who haven’t grown out of having fun:

Classic House Party

The first time you went to a house party you were probably about 15 but that doesn't mean that you are too old for them now. House parties are great fun because everybody mixes together and you can choose what entertainment to provide. If you want organised entertainment then a karaoke machine is a good idea (provide plenty of cocktails to get people singing) or a quiz can get the banter going. Don’t worry if the first hour is a bit slow; it is always the bit of the party that is slightly tense and dull, it will pep up.

Themed Party

If you’ve got a bigger budget then a good James Bond party is completely unforgettable if you do it right. Hire out a boat, book some dancers, get the cocktails ready at the bar, and invite everybody to dress as either bond or one of his beauties, what a night! Alternatively pick a letter of the alphabet ask everybody to come as something beginning with that letter. This is easy for people to do and you’ll still get a wide variety of costumes.

Laser Quest

The opportunity to run round shooting each other is never turned down by anybody under 10 and is not turned down by anybody remotely interesting over 10 either. Everybody feels like a soldier when they put on the equipment and running around screaming is never going to get boring.

Barbecue / Camping

If your friends are the outdoorsy type then why not arrange a trip away camping? You can enjoy barbecues and marshmallows over the fire in the evening, and have fun living in the wild during the day. You could even arrange activities to do such as rock climbing or abseiling.


Another excuse to run around shouting, hollering, and shooting your friends is to go paintballing. Arguably the grown-up version of laser quest, paintballing is competitive, energetic, and wild fun. There is paintballing Kent, paintballing Romford, Manchester, Sheffield, and more because Paintball Matrix have sites all over the country. It is easy to arrange paintballing and the day’s entertainment is organised for you.